Denis C. Adams, PhD

Psychologist, Jungian Psychoanalyst

Jung Montreal - Denis Adams
«...psychonalysis is a more profound process and requires a longer commitment.»

Psychotherapeutic approaches

As a licensed psychologist and certified Jungian Psychoanalyst (IAAP member), I have had experience in dealing with a variety of issues and situations and have used the following approaches:

  • Short-term therapy: When we are faced with a difficult moment in our lives, we may feel the need to consult a professional psychologist in order to sort things out or simply to get a different perspective on a specific situation. A particular anxiety, the loss of a loved one or a transitory obstacle can engender difficult moments. Through listening and reflecting, the therapist can help you look at a situation differently. Sharing your anxieties in a strictly confidential setting will help break the pattern of loneliness and stress.
    Issues specifically linked to traumatic experiences can be addressed with the use of Eye Movement Integration (or EMDR) over a relatively short period of time (less than a dozen sessions usually suffice).
  • Medium-term therapy: By working on understanding (both emotionally and contextually) the problems that have led us to consult a professional, dynamics that had been more unconscious, more in the shadows, emerge. Putting things into perspective in this way may trigger the desire to explore more deeply our personal history, and the words, images or memories that it evokes. We may then feel the need to commit to a longer period of time that can extend over several months.
  • Psychoanalysis:  Analysis is a more profound process and requires a longer commitment. We listen to what is trying to emerge from the unconscious through words, images and dreams. Confronting one’s unconscious will lead to more fluid dialogue with our inner world. Along that journey, we gradually learn to let go of conventional discourse. In fact, we often adopt a specific style of discourse or role at work, another at home or another again with our friends, partner or spouse. The analytical process requires that we verbalize EVERYTHING that comes to our mind and follow our associations. Sometimes using a couch can help, as a more relaxed and self-focused position may facilitate associations, though it is not mandatory. A new understanding of who we are will emerge: It (the unconscious) speaks.